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It’s really important to us that we help protect a child’s privacy and safety on, while also giving them oppertunity for exposure they may need.

All enquiries from potential clients about the Models featured on Plus-Size are sent directly to and checked by our Customer Support team – Models never receive direct contact. And we work with parents to ensure minors are looked after through the registration.

To maximise your child’s privacy and safety, please read and follow the guidelines below. We also recommend that you check out our safety tips.

How to register on behalf of a minor

All Models must be aged 18 or over to join, but a parent or guardian can sign up on their child’s behalf.

If we think a model is under the age 21 we will always contact them and confirm their age before making the Model Profile “Live”. If they are under 18 we will not make the profile “Live” unless we received approval from a childs parent or guardian and then all future commincation about potental auditions is directly with that parent or guardian. With out these messures in place the model profile will be deleted.

To register on behalf of someone who is under 18, contact us direct and we will create the profile for you. You as the parent or guardian will be given access to the admin panel and will be able to manage the profile within the admin.

Protecting the models and your child’s privacy

For safety reasons,

  • There is never any direct contact with the Models featured on
  • All enquires are sent to the team. The team then forward these equires to the model – But not before we have performed a few checks about the enquiry and the enquirer.
  • We don’t allow any direct contact information on any of the model profile pages, such as phone numbers or email addresses, or any places where the child may be located (schools, etc.).
  • For model under the age of 18 will will set the profile to turn off after 6 months. You will recive notification prior to the profile expiring, after which you will be able to extend your child profile visiblity.

PLEASE NOTE: The all profiles will appear in Google searches.

If you don’t want your child’s profile to appear on, you can contact us and we will remove straight away.

Profile and photo tips

Children don’t need a professional portfolio or photos, as they are continually changing and growing – a few good quality snapshots should do. Use natural lighting, with your child clearly positioned alone in the photo. No blurry, dimly-lit shots with friends or family pets!

Please make sure all photos representing your child are age-appropriate; for example, don’t include photos of young girls in bikinis. We don’t recommend make-up for children, and they should pose in a way that is appropriate for their age.

Application, audition, and casting guidelines

We recommend you check your local government website for information on children working in the entertainment industry, including the laws around work hours, parental consent forms, supervision, and employment.

Please note: When apattending a casting sent via, all contact with casting directors should be made by the parent or guardian. A parent or guardian must also accompany minors to any auditions or castings.

Always carefully read any legal documents and release forms that you are signing on behalf of your child. You need to understand what you’re reading and what the implications are.

Minors should never be asked to send nude or inappropriate photographs, or take part in nude or inappropriate scenes. Always ask for a script before agreeing to an audition to check you’re happy with the content.

If cast, your child is entitled to:

  • An area to change their clothes in private
  • Age-appropriate rest and meal breaks
  • Recreation and rest areas, accommodation (if required), and appropriate food.

If you have any questions about the information above or have any concerns about your child’s profile please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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