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In Front of the Camera Model Workshops


Modelling Classes where learning can be fun!

Modelling may seem like a piece of cake, but a little training and experience can make the world of difference. Let’s face it, you have nothing to lose – attending modelling classes will help you learn the ropes and acquire skills needed to become a successful model, or just help boost your confidence in general. More About Sabine”

You get some great pictures taken. You see yourself looking “like a model”.   see yourself looking “like a model”.

Modelling nowadays is a highly vocational business. There’s more to modelling than a quick pose or twirl.

Of course, it’s important to find the school, teacher and class that’s right for you and “In Front Of The Camera” is a good place to start.

So what do “In Front Of The Camera” modelling classes give you? They teach the same modelling techniques used by today’s top fashion models. Classes will help you with self confidence and can help give you professional edge no matter what your ultimate goals may be: a commercial print model, a fashion model or just a bolder, brighter being. “In Front Of The Camera” Model classes prepare models in a variety of ways: helping you to pick clothes that flatter you and providing make-up and styling pointers, teaching you how to pose and really work that camera.