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Plus-size Model Sabine Gruchet – Shopping Channel Showreel

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Plus-size Model Sabine Gruchet has worked for most of the UK’s shopping channels. Sabine is now a regular on Sit-Up TV’s Shopping channels Bid TV & Price Drop TV and Speed Auctions.

As a Plus-size Model Sabine has worked for the following Shopping Channels in the UK:’

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Sit-Up TV –
The fast, fun and interactive shopping channel – with a huge range of products on offer almost 18 hours a day. Bid is available on Freeview 23, Virgin Media 745, Sky 654, Freesat802 and WightFibre 704 –
The revolutionary falling-price shopping channel – where the price drops until everything is sold. Price Drop is available on Freeview 37, Virgin Media 741, Sky 645, Freesat 801 and WightFibre 706 –
Is the world’s fastest TV auction channel, with a new auction beginning every few minutes. Speed Auction is available on Virgin Media 746, Sky 665, Freesat 814 –
The best choice for the online bargain hunter, with internet prices and high street service.

Ideal World

Ideal World is a shopping channel in the UK whose sister shopping channels include Create and Craft, Ideal Extra and The Deal Channel. It is owned by Ideal Shopping Direct Plc

Freeview Channel 22 (Ideal World)
Channel 36 (Create and Craft)
Channel 39 (The Deal Channel)
Sky Channel 644 (Ideal World)
Channel 651 (Ideal Extra)
Channel 668 (The Deal Channel)
Channel 671 (Create and Craft)
Freesat Channel 810 (Ideal Extra)
Channel 811 (The Deal Channel)
Channel 812 (Ideal World)
Channel 813 (Create and Craft)
Virgin Media Channel 747 (Ideal World)
Smallworld Cable Channel 230 (Create and Craft)
Channel 231 (Ideal World)
Channel 232 (Ideal Extra)
WightFibre Channel 44 (Ideal Extra)
Channel 48 (Ideal World)
Channel 49 (The Deal Channel)
Channel 64 (Create & Craft)
Internet television
TVCatchup Watch live (UK only) (Ideal World)

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