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Plus-Size Model Sabine Gruchet – Nivea Dare to Dip

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Plus-Size Model Sabine Gruchet – Nivea Dare to Dip

Nivea Dare to Dip campaign for Nivea UK – The stunt saw us ladies travelling London Underground lines during rush hour to recruit other female commuters to sign-up and support each other in their first dip of the summer, and to participate in a special outdoor swimming pool that will be installed in London’s Covent Garden on Saturday 11th May.

Needless to say our bikini beauties caused quite a stir with highlights including a group of young boys on a school trip spotting loads of near-naked ladies on the Underground.

Sabine Gruchet as one of the Nivea Dare to Dip Girls coming down the escalators at London’s Liverpool St. Station

Details revealing the big event were temporarily tattooed on the bodies of the 20 women, aged between 20 and 60, to encourage photos to be shared by social media.

Watch the official Nivea Dare to Dip Video

You can check out or follow #daretodip to get on board and pledge your dare to dip with confidence this summer.

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  1. James

    WOW they all look great.

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